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Concerns about size and sexual function are common and therefore, at Aesthetic Medical Center we are offering solutions such as:

    1. The Men-Shot
(called by others the P-shot)

2.  Penile Girth Enlargement

3. Glans Enlargement Using Fillers

4. Scrotox

5. Botox/ Xeomin for Penis

ED treated with P-Shot (PRP)

The Men Shot (PRP for Men)

(some people call it “The P-Shot”)






Platelet Rich Plasma, PRP is used to improve intimate performance in men including those who have altered function due to prostate issues, drug side effects, and other conditions such as diabetes and hypertension. It can also strengthens and straightens the man’s intimate organ. PRP is obtained through a simple blood draw. Once collected and processed, the PRP, which contains high concentrations of growth factors, is skillfully injected into man’s intimate tissue.


















The procedure is painless as numbing medication is applied to the injection sites. After injection, the PRP growth factors activate your body’s local stem cells to generate new healthy tissue including blood vessels, nerve tissue, and structural tissue. The result is improved blood flow to the organ, with increased sensitivity and improved overall intimate responsiveness.


UP to 30% of men also see increased girth or length of their intimate organ. The degree of benefit varies, dependent upon the level of a man’s general health and extent of impairment. 


There are no allergic reactions, and PRP intimate rejuvenation can be used in conjunction with well known medications used for this purpose. Often the shot can either improve the effectiveness of these prescriptions, or they may no longer be needed.

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 The Men Shot
(PRP for Men) 

    is used for PD Correction. 

Peyronie's Disease and PRP

Dr. Marcovici’s article “PRP and Correction of Penile Curvature (Peyronie’s Disease)"
was  published by the American Journal of Cosmetic Surgery on its online edition September 5th, 2018.
“Peyronie’s disease can be a physically and psychologically devastating. Many men with Peyronie’s disease are embarrassed and choose to suffer in silence rather than get help”….  

If you want to learn about this condition and to read the article go to

Peyronie's Disease treated with PRP

Peyronie’s Disease Corrected  with PRP and Penis Enhancement

PRP treatment for erectile dysfunction.



Exceptional Experience with Make Enhancement Fillers
From the moment I walked into the clinic, I knew I was in good hands. Dr. Marcovici exudes professionalism and a deep understanding of manly aesthetics. He also has a great sense of humor. As a man seeking male enhancement fillers, I appreciated the doctor’s tailored approach, ensuring that the results were subtle yet significant.
The consultation was thorough, with Dr. M explaining the procedure, and what I could expect during and after the treatment. The attention to detail was remarkable, and every question I had was answered with patience and clarity.
The procedure itself was smooth, with minimal discomfort. Dr. M’s technique was impeccable, and the care taken to ensure symmetry and natural-looking results was evident. Post-treatment, the doctor provided excellent aftercare instructions and was available for follow-up queries.
The results? Outstanding. The fillers have enhanced my manhood in a natural way, giving me the size I have always wanted. The boost in my confidence is undeniable.
I highly recommend the Doctor and staff to any man considering enhancement fillers. The expertise, care, and results are truly second to none. Guys don’t wait! Make the call and set the appointment. You will be glad you did!

Penis size has always symbolized strength, virility, power, and domination in relationships and even though none of the different enlargement cosmetic techniques to enhance the penis have been endorsed by medical organizations, cosmetic penile enlargement has acquired wide acceptance and tremendous popularity.
Dr. Marcovici offers minimally invasive procedures as a cosmetic solution for the patient who is not satisfied with the natural size of his penis.

          In our office we are using
the gradual approach,                         meaning -if so desired - more filler can be added at a            future visit until the person will reach their desired size.
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Penis Girth Serial Enlargement.jpg
Serial Girth Enlargement.jpg
Girth Enlargement Serial 6 months later.
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Penile Girt Enlargement with Biofiller.j
Girth Enlargement with Dermal Filler
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Penis girth enlargement
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Penis Girth and Glans Enlargement .jpg
Penile Girth Enlargement a.jpg
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Penile Girth Enhancement serial.jpg
Penile Girth Enhancement October 23.jpg
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                Glans Enlargement

                             (Non- Surgical Augmentation)


Glans augmentation using fillers consists in the injection of hyaluronic acid (totally absorbable filler) into the intradermic region of the glans using a thin needle under local anesthetic.

     It has two purposes:

1. Aesthetic enlargement of the glans. The increase in volume obtained is about 20%. It can be used alone in the case where an increase of volume is desired only in the glans, or otherwise it can be combined with penis enlargement surgery. In fact the latter technique yields an increase in volume of the entire body of the penis but not of the glans which may in this way appears undersized.

2. Treatment of premature ejaculation. The presence of hyaluronic acid creates a natural barrier between the external region and the internal nerve endings, helps reducing sensitivity of the glans. By reducing sensitivity, intercourse times can be significantly increased.



Scrotox started as a purely medical procedure and it is a well-known treatment for chronic scrotal pain  and for scrotal inflammatory conditions. Scrotox is exactly what it sounds like — injecting botulinum toxin (Botox) into  scrotum. The scrotum is the sac of skin that holds testicles in place. Since about 2016, more and more men are trying it out to make their sacs bigger and their sex better.


Benefits of Scrotox:

  • Wrinkles on your scrotum are less noticeable.

  • Your scrotum sweats less.

  • Your scrotum looks bigger or more filled out.

  • Your testicles hang more loosely or lower.

  • Sex is more pleasurable.


How Scrotox is done?

Scrotox is a pretty simple, straightforward procedure. Dr. Marcovici:

  1. applies a numbing cream or ointment to the scrotum

  2. examines your scrotum and marks the areas where the Botox can be safely injected.

  3. gently inserts a needle into your scrotum and slowly injects Botox, repeating the injection several times for maximum coverage of the scrotum.

  4. cleans up any areas that might be lightly bleeding.


The entire procedure usually takes anywhere from four to five minutes.


What’s recovery like?

Recovery from a Scrotox procedure is quick and relatively painless. Scrotox is an outpatient procedure. Once completed you will go home within minutes afterward. There’s no need to take a day off work or other activities — you can even get it done on your lunch break. You may not see results right away. You’ll probably start to notice any aesthetic changes within a few days to a week.


Side effects of Scrotox

Side effects of this procedure are minimal. Some documented symptoms after getting a Scrotox injection include:

  • mild to moderate scrotum pain

  • numbness

  • swelling

  • bruising around the injection site

  • feeling of tightness in your scrotum




If you’re ready to schedule your Scrotox or simply want to learn more about the procedure, our doctor can give you the answers and reassurance you need to make the decision that’s right for you.

To schedule your private consultation, call 843.945.9990.

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Therapeutic use of Botox/Xeomin to Enhance             

 the Function and Size of the Penis.


It’s no secret that many men desire a larger penis (both in length and girth) as well as stronger erections. Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a common condition that is experienced by men of all ages, and it can cause men to feel embarrassed and self-conscious about themselves. In the last few years new methods of treatment for men worried about their sexual health started to be published in the medical literature. One example of a such treatment is the P-shot, quite popular with men of any age. Another new treatment is Botulinum Products injected into the penis.  The good news is that injections of botulinum toxins is an effective treatment for helping men correct issues with ED to restore their sexual wellbeing while also offering significant improvements to their non-erect penis size.


Why Botox/ Xeomin?

Botox and Xeomin are botulinum neurotoxins that work by temporarily relaxing the smooth muscle in the walls of the blood vessels carrying blood to the penis, thereby significantly increasing blood flow and therefore, improving erection. Published studies have demonstrated the effectiveness and safety of Botox in the treatment of Erectile Dysfunction (ED). In addition, this treatment makes the flaccid resting penis appear bigger by increasing its girth and length due to improved blood flow.


Good candidates for Botox/Xeomin treatment are men who:

  • Find it hard to achieve and/or maintain an erection,

  • Wish to increase erection strength

  • Experience penis shrinkage

  • Feel self-conscious about their sexual health

  • Feel embarrassed about the size of their penis

  • Some research shows the Botox/Xeomin injections could be especially effective in those who do not respond well to pharmacological agents such as Viagra/Cialis and higher dose Trimix injections


How Therapeutic Botox is done?

A prescription strength topical numbing cream will be applied to the treatment area. Therefore, patients report little to no pain. Then, a tiny needle is used to administer the Botox into the penis.

  • Several injections of botulinum toxin will be administered to various locations in the treatment area.

  • Men can expect to see the full effect in about two weeks after the injection is administered and will lasts, in average, for about 4 months. At that time another long lasting injection can be administered.

Because this is an injectable treatment, your cost will vary depending on the amount of Botox/Xeomin needed (and treatments performed). At your consultation, Dr. Marcovici will provide you with an accurate cost estimate.



Most of the time this is an easy in-office procedure with little or no discomfort. While some patients have reported temporary swelling and bruising as well as some pain and discomfort in the injection sites after treatment, these side effects should dissipate within two to three days. However, it is important to contact Dr. Marcovici immediately if you experience increased or prolonged pain in the treatment area(s). One of the best parts about this treatment is that there is no required downtime, which means that you will not miss out on any part of your life after your botulinum toxin treatment.


                      HOW LONG WILL IT TAKE TO SEE MY RESULTS?

Patients who have undergone botulinum toxin injections for erectile dysfunction and male enhancement have noticed improvement to their sexual health (achieving and maintaining erections) and/or penis size after two to three days. However, it is important to understand that final results can take one to two weeks to become evident.


         Do you know you can Supercharge your          Botox Treatment with a P-shot Combo Treatment?


Botox can be mixed with your PRP (P-shot).  This combination treatment provides dual mechanisms for a long-lasting, comprehensive improvement in sexual performance. To learn more, call our office at 843.945.9990 and schedule your consultation with Dr. Marcovici.


In Conclusion: Injections of botulinum toxin are not only effective for treating erectile dysfunction in men, but they can also be used to increase the resting length and girth of the penis. This allows men to feel more comfortable with their penis, especially when they are with their partner. The administration of Botox to the penis can therefore provide a boost to the ability to achieve an erection for up to 3 or 4 months, before the toxin wears off and repeat treatment is required. Please keep in mind results will vary and are not guaranteed. Although more large-scale studies are needed, it is currently believed that this treatment can offer a solution to men with poor erectile function caused by both physiological issues related to blood flow, and those with poor erectile function caused by psychological issues. Ongoing clinical trials are happening around the world to better understand the exact actions of this novel treatment for erectile dysfunction.


If you are interested in a nonsurgical male enhancement procedure that to most men will give impressive results with minimal downtime, call our office at 843.945.9990 to book an appointment!


IMPORTANT NOTE: A limited number of published studies have demonstrated the effectiveness and safety of Botox in the treatment of Erectile Dysfunction (ED). While our treatments have support from scientific literature, many of them are not yet included in established national treatment protocols, because of the limited number of studies completed. You are encourage to look for accepted national treatment protocols from the Canadian Urological Association and the American Urological Association. Although not a complete list some of the articles are cited bellow:

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