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Dr. Marcovici’s article “PRP and Correction of Penile Curvature (Peyronie’s Disease)"

was  published by the American Journal of Cosmetic Surgery on its online edition September 5th, 2018.


“Peyronie’s disease can be a physically and psychologically devastating. Many men with Peyronie’s disease are embarrassed and choose to suffer in silence rather than get help”….  

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Peyronie’s Disease Corrected  with PRP and Enhancement

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PRP for Men

(some people call it “The P-Shot”)

















Platelet Rich Plasma, PRP is used to improve intimate performance in men including those who have altered function due to prostate issues, drug side effects, and other conditions such as diabetes and hypertension. It can also strengthens and straightens the man’s intimate organ. PRP is obtained through a simple blood draw. Once collected and processed, the PRP, which contains high concentrations of growth factors, is skillfully injected into man’s intimate tissue.

The procedure is painless as numbing medication is applied to the injection sites. After injection, the PRP growth factors activate your body’s local stem cells to generate new healthy tissue including blood vessels, nerve tissue, and structural tissue. The result is improved blood flow to the organ, with increased sensitivity and improved overall intimate responsiveness.


UP to 30% of men also see increased girth or length of their intimate organ. The degree of benefit varies, dependent upon the level of a man’s general health and extent of impairment. 


There are no allergic reactions, and PRP intimate rejuvenation can be used in conjunction with well known medications used for this purpose. Often the shot can either improve the effectiveness of these prescriptions, or they may no longer be needed.

Penis size has always symbolized strength, virility, power, and domination in relationships and even though none of the different enlargement cosmetic techniques to enhance the penis have been endorsed by medical organizations, cosmetic penile enlargement has acquired wide acceptance and tremendous popularity.
Dr. Marcovici offers minimally invasive procedures as a cosmetic solution for the patient who is not satisfied with the natural size of his penis.
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