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Kim Palmer  7/25/2021

         5 Stars

Dr. Marcovici's office provides a relaxing atmosphere. I was lucky to find him when looking for a breast reduction. He does this without the risk of major surgery. Using his technique I was able to go down 2 bra sizes and feel much better with little to no recovery time. I don't have scars or botched surgery that will leave me with a lifetime of regrets. I would not hesitate to recommend him and his amazing staff to anyone looking to have any plastic surgery done or if you are interested in feeling better in your own skin. I am going to have a few more procedures completed and will be going to Dr. Marcovici to have it completed.

Rosalie Alexandersen      01/11/2021

 5 Stars

Dr. Marcovici is a wonderful doctor. He and his caring staff made me feel comfortable and relaxed before, during, and after my procedure. Also very important is that he listened to my concerns and wishes. He works with his patients to make you look the most beautiful you can be. He not only performs facial procedures but takes care of your whole body. I recommend Dr. Marcovici and plan to return when needed.

Amazing Results   Real-Self - 28 Oct 2020

I went to see Dr. Marcovici for a skin condition and because my face looked tired and dull. Dr. Marcovici suggested the E-Light with IPL. He warned me that the improvement would not happen overnight and I had to be a little patient. True to his word, I can definitely see a significant improvement in my face. The condition has improved and my face is so much softer looking. Dr. Marcovici is a wonderful doctor and makes you feel comfortable. More importantly, he listens to your concerns and works with you. I felt completely comfortable with him and his staff during all my visits and plan to return when the need arises. I highly recommend the E-Light with IPL - with Dr. Marcovici.

Brooke Wood   Oct 20, 2020   5.0 star

I had vericose veins in an intimate area and with PPL laser surgery they are now gone!!! 😍 This problem is somewhat uncommon, so I did not know where to turn or how other women got rid of the veins in a private area due to lack of information online. Here, I was talked through the procedure, and left knowing more than I expected to learn, and no vericose veins! Some other things worth noting are the amazing front office staff and the good humor 😁! I will be returning for more procedures in the future. Thank you so much aesthetic medical center!

Debbie Cisco  5.0 Star  Oct 14, 2020

Totally would recommend them for all my procedures. They are wonderful

Amber Ward - 5.0 star rating

I cannot express enough how pleased I am with my experience and the results of Dr. Marcovici's office! For anyone considering liposuction, this is THE place to go! I'd never had cosmetic surgery of any kind, so I was apprehensive at first, but now I can tell you, you don't have to be! Dr. M. is very thorough and efficient. Every step is explained-more than once. His work is art! My body looks amazing thanks to him, and the lipo-procedure was relatively fast! The nurses were personable and friendly. They helped make me feel comfortable. As expected, I was very nervous on the day of the procedure but Brandy was so helpful in keeping me relaxed while maintaining professionalism and aid to Dr. M. during the process. I must also say, Irene, the assistant in the front office, she is such a sweetheart. She was always cheerful and welcoming when I called or came in to the office. I am so thankful that I chose Aesthetic Medical Center for my liposuction. After my experience, I plan on returning to them for more beautification procedures in the future and you should too!

Janene Teeters   5.0 star rating

Very knowledgeable and down to earth Dr and staff. Dr. recommended procedures that left me looking natural and rejuvenated. Would definitely recommend Aesthetics Medical Center.

Jennifer H. North Myrtle Beach, SC     5.0 star rating 5/30/2019

Dr. Marcovici is an ARTIST!! He genuinely cares about his patients and has a great eye for detail. I had filler under my eyes before I came to him and it was a disaster so I was very nervous about having it done correctly. Dr. Marcovici is amazing!!! He has a great bedside manner, makes you feel calm and safe. I am so glad I found him!!!!

Totally Satisfied- Melissa P. reviewed Aesthetic Medical Center  -  5 star

  • Real Self-13 Feb 2019

I had an awesome experience and would do it again with Dr. Marcovici. He is a wonderful, experienced physician and his staff made it so easy. I felt completely comfortable through the entire procedure. Had liposculpture of my outer thighs, belly and love handles. It was then transferred into my labia majora and hands. Recovery was quick and easy. I couldn't be happier


I couldn't be happier!  March 1st, 2018

Dr. Marcovici truly cares about his patients. I went in knowing what services I wanted (botox and lipo) and what results I wanted to see, but he still took the time to explain everything very thoroughly. I was concerned that a Dr might take to looking at me and suggest everything possible to make improvements, but that did not happen with Dr. Marcovici. He looked at me and agreed that certain areas could use improvement, but he very clearly stated that other areas on me were perfectly fine and didn't need any attention. When it came time to gather my medical history prior to me undergoing lipo, Dr. Marcovici was very thorough, and extremely adamant about me obtaining written permission from my primary care provider in order to stop taking a certain medication one week prior to lipo. All in all, I was extremely impressed with Dr. Marcovici's professionalism and care for my health and safety as his first priority. I have no doubts about his sincerity, or his unwillingness to compromise his policies in order to profit. True integrity

Oh, and my cosmetic results are amazing! I am beyond ecstatic with my results and I feel better about my body than ever before. Thank you!!

Gabey Giblin reviewed Aesthetic Medical Center — 5 star

Dr Marcovici is the best! I highly recommend his services.

He has a great personality and makes you feel very comfortable.

Sharon Efron reviewed Aesthetic Medical Center — 5 star

A pleasure to work with- great results. He really listens to you and

treats you well. He is very particular that your results come out the

way you want. The staff is also very attentive, patient and kind.

Highly recommended: you will not be disappointed.

Sara Martin Jones    reviewed Aesthetic Medical Center — 5 star



Everything has been excellent. No complains! -RF

It is already a very pleasant experience.

I look forward to my appointments.   I can't imagine a nicer visit.

Thank you.  -LM – 

My experience with Dr. Marcovici and his staff has been the best.


First of all I am very pleased with the flexibility of scheduling all my appointments. I went in for a procedure and came out with several ones which I am so happy I did go ahead with the procedures. It was an all day and I could not have felt better the way I was treated, his patience and caring to make all the procedure a success, not only a success but make me a happy women with my new looks. They are all a wonderful team. I want to thank Dr. Marcovici for his dedication in making my experience a very easy going one and the results have been fabulous.

Now I am looking forward for my future ones when time comes. -NR

I would highly recommend Dr. Marcovici.

He performed three different procedures and I was very pleased with the results. The Doctor and staff are very professional and kind, which made the experience very enjoyable. I found Dr. Marcovici to be very knowledgeable and he took his time when answering all my questions.

I am very happy and satisfied with the results and would do it again in the future. -GH 

I was a bit skeptical at first, but decided to get juvederm for my deep facial folds and botox. I am more than pleased with the results. People at work have complimented me so often, saying I look younger, the skin looks as though it glows. I look less stressed out. As the days go by I'm seeing even more results. I look forward to coming again... Dr. Marcovici has indeed out done himself.

Nice work!!! -MG

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