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Dr. Marcovici specializes in minimally invasive, rapid recovery techniques of liposuction, tummy tucks, buttocks, breast augmentation, no scar breasts reductions, cosmetic vaginal surgery and intimate cosmetic medicine for men and women..

Our Services

 Aesthetic Medical Center, a state-of-the-art facility, is your one stop solution for men and women seeking cosmetic and aesthetic procedures. We provide a unique, private and personalized experience in full spectrum of cosmetic services with the highest quality of care and complete dedication to your needs and safety.

    An expert in both cosmetic surgery and gynecology,   

Dr. Marcovici has a rich academic activity as well: he

was an assistant Professor at University of Michigan in 

Ann Arbor, University of Connecticut and at Yale University Dr. Marcovici has published more than 40 original articles in peer-review medical journals. Dr. Marcovici is frequently invited to present at national and international conferences on gynecology and cosmetic surgery topics.

        At Aesthetic Medical Center, Dr. Marcovici focuses on:

  1.  Body Contouring Surgery - using only Local Tumescent Anesthesia  because it allows minimal or no downtime.

  2. Aesthetic Medicine-Botox, Fillers, Laser IPL, PRP, Skin Rejuvenation. The procedures can be done during a “Lunch Break” and people can continue with their daily activities.

  3.  Intimate Medicine for Men and Women

  4.  Medical Spa

Brazilian Lift (BB))
A patient's experience

Four Days after Tummy Tuck
a patient's experience

24 Hours after Liposuction
A patient's experience

10 Days After Abdomen & Love Handles Liposuction and Fat Grafting to Breasts

Patient relaxing after local tumescent anesthesia. Next step will be Liposuction ​ ​
Patient relaxing after local tumescent anesthesia.
Next step will be Liposuction

A short explanation of Local Tumescent Anesthesia  used exclusively for all our Body Sculpturing procedures

Calling Aesthetic Medical Center to make an apointment.
Call 843.945.9990 for details

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